Intervention and
Recovery Coaching


MBA, NCIP, CCMI-I, Certified Interventionist & Recovery Coach


Interventions occur when someone with a substance use disorder is confronted in a non-threatening manner by family members and friends in an effort to motivate that person to seek treatment.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a form of strength-based support for persons with addiction or in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, codependency, or any other addictive behaviors. Recovery Coaches help clients find a way to stop addiction.

Family Recovery Coaching

The Family Recovery Coach works with the family to change the way that they think and act toward the addict/alcoholic in the family so that they support recovery, but do not enable addiction.

What Customer’s Say About Sharon

“There is a space in the market for a strong independent female interventionist. Sharon fills that spot; she is easy to work with and trustworthy. Sharon is inspirational, she is somebody that will get the job done with grace and integrity.”

Haley Sola – BRC Recovery Family of Programs Manor, Texas

As a professional in the recovery industry I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Sharon. Her core values and attention to client care is unmatched. Building healthy relationships with families and referral sources has been top priority for Sharon. By doing so she ensures all parties needs are met throughout all processes. I personally value her input on any client I need support with. Thank you for all you do fo our community!”

Charlie McGarty, Founder Active Recovery Coaching

“I have utter faith in Sharon’s ability to guide and direct me when it came to my daughter. She was a chronic relapse and I was at my wits ends. Sharon set up and was able to give me the tools to get my daughter into a safe space. I can call on Sharon anytime and she is there to lend a helping hand.”

Dr. Gary Leach

Houston, Texas


“I cannot begin to say how wonderful Sharon has been, in the process of helping clients through the decision making process and implementation of intervention.  She is an excellent communicator, always keeping the best interest of clients at heart, while making certain she and therapist are tuned in and on the same page.  She uses her gentle humor, extensive knowledge of treatment, and uncanny insight to guide families struggling  to find pathways off the terrifying roller coaster of addiction.” Jeanice Mullen, Therapist 

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Most people have no idea where to go, or what to do when a loved one is suffering from addiction. The good news is you are not alone, but the difficult news is that you are not the best person to help your loved one; he or she needs professional help. That is where Beacon of Light comes in to help guide you throughout your experience and help you go from addiction to recovery.

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